Applying for a GRF empowers students to pursue a career in science.

Attend a short informational webinar for CSU Faculty and Administration

We are members of the CSU community, and we know that CSU students are a perfect fit for the GRFP (not to mention we want to see more CSU wins!) Applying for a GRF brings huge benefits to students and the institution:

  • Students learn scientific writing skills through applying
  • The application easily converts into grad school applications
  • Telling their stories gives students a sense of self-efficacy, and a vision for their future research
  • MA students can use their fellowships to fund their MA, and then take it with them to fund a PhD
  • Faculty get an externally funded research assistant
  • Programs with GFRP funded students can admit more students.

“I found my place in the scientific community by going through the application process.”

~ Xtina, Brainsteering Student