The Difference Between

Winning and Almost Winning

Attend a GRFP Brown Bag 

July 12, 12 pm (PST)
July 15, 1 pm (PST)
July 20, 11:30 am (PST)

On most objective measures, there’s practically no difference between applicants who get the award and those who receive an honorable mention. It’s not about your GPA or resume.

Winners tell a story that creates a personal connection with the reviewers.  We’ll show you how to craft that story using plot and narrative theory — and how to populate it with events from your life that make them love you.  You’ll also get storyboards and tips to present a persuasive case for giving you the award.

“we steer students towards compelling events and get them to frame those events in a way that displays their intellectual merit.”

~ Patrick Ryan, Brainsteering Partners

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